Glass slitting and abnormity cutting production line for automotive rearview mirror

Glass slitting and abnormity cutting production line for automotive rearview mirror

Product Details

Auto Mirror automatic production line

One, Equipment type: "YTZQ300"
Second, the equipment description: This automatic production line is to realize the automobile rearview mirror Large glass partition One change two after the special-shaped cutting automatic production line.
Third, the structural characteristics:
Fast, high efficiency, can greatly improve production and product quality, reduce labor costs
Reasonable structure, using sucker grab shift and three-axle cylinder positioning, accurate positioning and can effectively prevent abrasion
Two sets of rotary forming cutting table, the use of industrial computer, CNC special cutting software, computer programming and control, can simultaneously cut two pieces of the same or different shapes of glass
Multiple protection devices to ensure the normal operation of equipment, fault diagnosis and alarm function
The main electrical and pneumatic components using well-known brands, equipment running stable and reliable, low failure rate
Four, the basic technical parameters:
A to cut the partition (after the hot bending of the glass in Split)
Maximum Glass size: 230*330-370*470mm, customizable
Glass Thickness: 1-3mm
Segmentation accuracy: ±1.0mm
B-shaped cutting (two sets of independent cutting system)
Control mode: IPC computer +I/O control card +CNC special CNC software
Cutting accuracy:<>
Cutting speed: 8000-20000mm/min
Production Efficiency: ≯ 5 sec/Piece (finished mirror)
Input power: single-phase 220v/5kw, other voltage levels can be customized
Input gas Source: 0.6-0.8mpa
Equipment Volume: 7800*2210*1900mm