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Why is the glass edging hot and tripping?
- 2018-05-29-

WhyGlass Edging MachineWill it burn and trip? Glass edging machine Hair hot trip should be how to deal with. The following let Nanjing extension Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. for you to introduce a detailed solution.

Glass edging Machine is one of the earliest and most used mechanical equipment in the glass deep-processing equipment. Glass Machinery Consumers have encountered this situation, then how this phenomenon is caused? Let's take a look at the following.
1. First smell the motor, there is no a great smell of burnt, if there is, then the basic can be determined is due to the glass milling machine motor short-circuit caused by the trip, this phenomenon in the glass edging machine is not uncommon, please remove the motor to check and repair, or directly replace a new motor.
2. Ruled out the problem of the motor, then there is a very likely reason is the glass edging machine transmission device is not smooth, causes the motor load to become big, produces the fever phenomenon and finally causes the trip, this phenomenon must thoroughly inspect the glass edging machine the transmission device, to find out the problem, if just because of the dust and so on reason, then cleans up , some lubricating oil on it, if the transmission device is damaged, then must be repaired or replaced before the line.
When the glass edging machine in the running of the motor is always hot cause trip, the main role is the glass grinding, as well as the production of some special shapes. Proper and reasonable use of edging machine can not only ensure the normal production, but also prolong the life of the machine.