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What are the characteristics of the glass cutting machine for rearview mirror
- 2018-06-05-

Through the computer control, the input needsRearview mirror Glass Cutting machineGlass size and shape, automatic CNC abnormity Glass cutting machine is automatic recognition of glass thickness and size, determine a variety of processing parameters, the glass for automatic, accurate, high-speed cutting processing.

The use of imported knife wheel, cutting machine effect is good. The knife head has the protective device, prevents the collision knife.

Technical Features:

1 According to user needs for straight line or special-shaped graphics automatic cutting processing. Can directly input to cut the glass size or directly into the CAD graphics, with the actual cutting graphics display, the actual movement tracking display function, so that the operator of the equipment and processing conditions at a glance.

2 has a single piece processing time display and each class output statistic function, the cutting pressure has the computer control completely, the cutting quality is good.

3 Rearview mirror glass cutting machine rack, gear using international well-known brands of quality products to ensure cutting accuracy, cutting speed and cutting accuracy.

4X. Y.Z shaft Drive Imported servo motor, cutting the original point of repeated positioning accuracy high, can spell mirror, cutting automotive glass and home appliances glass.

5 Imported Italy Optimization software, typesetting powerful, user-friendly interface, simple and easy to learn, easy to use.

6 has the laser scanning localization system, the profiling scan input function, realizes the automatic imitation shape cutting.

7 has the complete protection measure, guarantees the equipment to run for a long time.

8 equipped with bilateral dual-station or unilateral single station on the platform, gear transmission, safe and reliable.

9 Rear-view mirror glass cutting machine equipped with break-piece table. One-click Start.