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Open sheet, chamfer, cleaning line before hot bend
- 2018-06-11-

Nanjing ye Tuo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. for Sichuan days to provide the opening of the film, Hot Bend before the chamfer, Hot bend before the cleaning line was formally put into use in March 2018, this process requires only one operator.
The process is mainly composed of seven sets of equipment, including a large set of glass open-chip machine (including "YTQG2120" type automatic edge-seeking glass open-chip machine, single pillar suction plate flip machine, air float break piece Taiwan) two "YTMK450" type of hot bending chamfering machine, an automatic feeding machine, an automatic blanking machine, a "YTQX300" Type cleaning machine. After the opening of the glass through the upper and lower chamfer, cleaning and drying after the hot bend, the advantage is that it can completely remove large pieces of glass after cutting the edge of the debris, clear the glass surface of grease, significantly reduce the glass point and pinhole defects, effective protection of mold bricks, prolong the life of mold bricks The cleaning machine exits a positioning device, and the manipulator of the hot bending furnace can be directly crawled.
Technical parameters of the open-chip machine:
Glass size is not larger than 2500*2100mm size 3600*2800mm
Cutting thickness flat glass 1-6mm cutting Table height 900≦50mm
Linear parallelism ≤±0.20mm/m the size of 2000x2000x900mm
Diagonal Precision ≤±0.25mm/m Cutting speed 0-180m/min
Cutting shape linear or special-shaped cutting machine power three-phase four-wire 380v/5kw
Input gas Source 0.6-0.8mpa