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Cleaning process of glass cleaning machine for sight glasses
- 2018-06-06-

  Rearview mirror glass Cleaning machineThe pollutant that the machine uses to flush the filtration hydraulic system to produce or invade during the manufacture, assembly, the use process of the glass washing machine and the maintenance; glass-washing machine can also be applied to the work of oil on the regular maintenance of filtration, improve cleanliness, to avoid or reduce the pollution caused by the fault, so as to ensure the hydraulic system equipment high-performance, high reliability and long life.

1, glass washing machine compliance with foundry equipment general operating procedures. 2, before the work must also comply with: A, glass machine to check the pipeline system leak leakage situation, if this situation, should inform maintenance personnel repair. b, check whether the cleaning fluid is sufficient, if not enough, in time to increase the cleaning fluid. C, start the test, and then empty for 2-3 minutes, check the transmission system (motor, coupling, reducer) and transport belt movement is smooth, confirm all normal, before production.   D, glass washing machine open oil removal device (excluding the oil slick excluding devices) began to remove oil, so the water pump is still open, the water calm, the best discharge effect, to be eliminated after the basic removal of oily sludge, oil and grease to use lunch time. 3, the work must also adhere to: A, the cleaned parts to be neatly placed on the transport belt, not to press on the wheel; b, in the transport belt, the cleaned parts can not heap too much, so as not to affect the cleaning effect.   C, after work, the cleaned parts can not be parked on the transport belt, the glass washer press the stop button, so that the whole machine to stop running. Washing machine cleaning Machine use different methods to clean packaging containers, packaging materials, packaging aids, packaging, to achieve the desired cleanliness of the machine. D, cleaning liquid should be regularly added water and a certain proportion of metal cleaning agent to supplement consumption, so that the liquid level to maintain a certain height, if the cleaning effect does not reach the required technical requirements, should replace the cleaning solution.