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Development from pure oxide glass to halide glass cutting machine
- 2018-06-06-

Developed from pure inorganic compound glass to composite glass. The pure Na2o-cao-sio2 system develops to many forms of special glass which are composed mostly of elements in the periodic table. For thisGlass Cutting Machine

2 shape changes from the traditional plate shape, block development to film and fiber, that is, from three-dimensional development to two-dimensional and one-dimensional. In addition, there are hollow and solid and various particle size range of glass microspheres. (3) The change of the glass state first appeared the differential phase of the Vycor glass (high boron silicate heat-resistant glass), and then appear milky glass, glass cutting machine. In order to reduce the surface reflection of glass, the so-called air film glass has been successfully studied in recent years.

(4) Glass function changes in the glass has been from the pure translucent materials and packaging materials developed into a light, electrical, magnetic and sound characteristics of the material. Because of the success of biological glass, glass has evolved from a lifeless material to an organism's repair or replacement material. (5) Changes in the preparation of glass traditional methods of glass preparation: crucible kiln and tank kiln process high-temperature melting method, special glass high-temperature melting Method:

Electric heating, high-frequency induction heating, multi-layer crucible smelting, high-pressure vacuum smelting, solar furnace melting, plasma flame melting and laser melting and other means. The preparation methods include gas phase synthesis, vacuum evaporation, sputtering, CVD and MOCVD vapor deposition, low temperature synthesis, high-energy ray irradiation and solution-gel process.