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The detail structure of the glass cutting machine is very important.
- 2018-06-06-

1, glass cutting machine is not suitable for all the decoration design, generally small in the huxing, and the original door position hindered the local design can use glass invisible door, such as home TV background wall is too short.


2, the home in excess of the number of doors, affecting the overall visual effects can use glass invisible door, for the whole room to increase the different design elements. 3, large-scale use of glass invisible door, this will cause the opposite effect of the superfluous, can be in the local position of the mirror-type glass door design, to achieve symmetrical effect.

4, Glass cutting machine detail structure is very important, the current glass invisible door There are two main types, one is sliding door, the other is to open doors, made sliding doors are designed stealth handle, the border to deal with, whether to make a flat door to install the handle on the inside, hinge is invisible, whether to install a reset device, positioning function, etc. , these need to be planned before installation. 5, do not open glass door is not on the surface of the door and the surrounding wall surface to do too many of the amount of geometric lines, modelling and other design, because the flat-open glass invisible door itself is not easy to hide the border, if there are too many modelling design will increase the difficulty of invisibility. 6, in the wall with the kick line to do glass invisible door, to pay attention to the door body part of the kick line treatment, do not install or install part of the kick line will affect the beautiful, this need to properly handle.

Glass machining thickness and processing speed, limit the processing speed of 3 elements, the thickness of the glass, the coefficient of thermal expansion of the material, as well as the output power of the glass machine. Straight line processing, at a speed of 0.5 m/s. In contrast, the hard metal wheels process the same thickness of the same glass at speeds of up to 1.5 m/s. However, even in the use of speed-oriented, this distinction will be the glass mechanical processing brought about by the economic and quality advantages of compensation. Together, we all believe that further processing process optimization and the use of higher output power of the glass machine processing will easily increase the processing speed of two to three times times.