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Ye Tuo glass Cutting machine, the achievements are obvious to all,
- 2018-06-06-

The structural excess of products is more obvious.Glass Cutting MachineAt present, the total amount of flat glass, mainly for the construction of ordinary float glass serious surplus, while the high-end product protection capacity is insufficient, most products low value-added, still in the value chain low-end and subordinate status. There is a large gap in the quantity and depth of the two-time processing, because of the excess of ordinary float glass and the low quality float ratio.

Third, the enterprise production and operation costs increased too quickly. The glass industry is not only a resource energy-intensive industry, but also a typical scale industry, in recent years, the resources, energy prices and labor costs have been rising, has been included in the overcapacity industry after financing is difficult to become a common phenomenon, so that the production and operation cost of enterprises increased significantly. On the one hand, the market demand is not enough overcapacity, product prices continue to decline, on the other hand, the cost increases, weakening the profitability of enterprises, the transformation and upgrading and restructuring of the biggest constraints.

Glass cutting machine, the achievements are obvious to all, but there is no denying that the efficiency of resource allocation is declining, innovation capacity is insufficient, overcapacity and other challenges increase, "Twelve-Five" after the second half of the glass industry, investment, production and other major indicators always run at a lower level, All indicate that we have entered a new normal that is characterized by lower growth rates.

We should realize that the problems and contradictions in the glass industry are both external factors and their own reasons, but they are still developing