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Introduction to the relevant knowledge of the glass-discharging machine
- 2018-06-06-

In light industry, people will useGlass Open Material Machine。 At present, as a very important classification of glass-opening machine, in the market occupies half, it can achieve the cutting and processing of glass products, and technology is quite advanced, has been trusted by experts.

At present, the models of glass-feeder are different, people can look at the performance of their equipment, combined with factory demand for orders. The machine has many different names, and some areas call it cutting machine, blanking machine and so on, the essence belongs to the same kind of equipment.

Glass machine classification is very many, such as mechanical transmission style, there are hydraulic transmission style, in addition to the automatic rolling type is popular. With the improvement of the Internet technology, many of the machine also joined the computer control system, so that we do not use the knife mold, which is based on procedures to operate, greatly simplifying the process of open materials, but also improve the use of efficiency, is particularly commendable technology.

We buy glass machine need to find a formal factory, first, to judge the factory qualification, to see whether there is a business license, production license, and so on, two, to judge the factory Word-of-mouth, to see if there are repeat customers, whether to build long-term cooperative relations. Third, the classification and characteristics of the fan, if the factory to provide more models, the description can be more selective, also shows that more worthy of trust.

The above is the glass of the relevant knowledge of the machine, after mastering can help everyone better adapt to the market, but also in the operation, operation process to find more tips and methods. At present, the Technical field update and upgrade quickly, we suggest that we pay more attention to a forward-looking and representative equipment, in order to keep pace with the development of the industry.