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What needs to be noted when using a glass cutting machine
- 2018-05-29-

What do you need to be aware of when using a glass cutting machine? Nanjing ye Tuo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is an expert in this industry, the following for you detailed introduction.

The glass cutting machine is specially used to cut the glass equipment, that knows in the operation process what needs to notice? Today, we will give you a brief introduction.
1, glass surface can not have scratches or white spots phenomenon;
2, in the cutting of a large number of glass is, the need for the performance of the cutting machine testing, detection method is to check the cutting machine cut the effect of the first piece of glass.
3, before moving glass to check whether there is a crack in the glass itself, if there are cracks we can move is more careful, or directly discard, to avoid in the process of sudden rupture.
The above arrangement of operation methods and use of attention, I hope everyone in the use of glass cutting machine must be in strict accordance with the safety procedures, and pay attention to the precautions mentioned, to ensure their personal safety.