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One of the techniques used by glass cutters to make glass windows.
- 2018-06-06-

Glass cutting machine used to make glass window of one of the techniques of mixing soil and horse dung into the embryo pericardium before the metal rod and then dip the hot glass paste into the container body, the outer map around the outline of the pattern of glass, such as Xu Leng after the completion of the embryo heart.

4. Lamp Torch hot plastic with a small gun or lamp torch heating, help also known as the Lamp torch thermoplastic, only with colored boron glass or sodium glass color stick, in order to lengthen, twist, wire winding and other skills, a continuous combination of modelling, suitable for small delicate performance, such as glass beads, animals and plants. Also because of the use of glass rods in different areas are divided into: solid, hollow and brushed thermoplastic, in addition to painting to increase the interest of the work. 5. Blowing originated from the Roman Empire in the year of BC, is still the most important in glass technology, the most widely used, the most varied production method. Blowing more mainly to the window, glass cutting machine to form a small bubble, and then use the tool to heat molding type, and then with another torch dip a small amount of glass for bridging the bottom action, knock down the works Xu Leng.

6. The dewaxing casting method uses the refractory gypsum to wrap the wax mold, in will the glass raw material and the empty mold at the same time into the furnace heating, at the high temperature the glass slowly flows into the mold to form, puts in the furnace to remove the wax, the Xu Leng removes the plaster mold, then carries on the 7. The powder casting method fills the glass block and the glass powder into a pre-designed model, and puts it into the melting furnace to melt into the whole piece of glass. 8. Furnace heating design method is in the 750 degree ~850 between the heating of the production of techniques. Thermoplastic Fusion will be the first cut glass or different patterns of glass combination on the ceramic plate into the furnace heating up to become a glass version will often be paired with other techniques to change.