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Shanghai Lu Xiang Car Mirror Group Yancheng Factory auto Mirror automatic production line was put into operation
- 2018-06-21-

Shanghai Lu Xiang Car Mirror Group Yancheng Factory has been2018Years5Month31Day officially put into production,Nanjing ye Tuo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. forLu Xiang car Mirror Group car Mirror FactoryProvided byAuto Mirror automatic production lineHasThe beginning of the year is smoothInputTrial run

TheAutomatic line from profiled cutting production lines, full auto rearview mirror edging machine and cleaning machineCompositionAfter the coating machine out of the square piece of glass after the automatic cutting line into two pieces in two times after the formation of cutting, cutting down the glass automatically into the full automatic rearview mirror edging machine grinding edge and chamfer, after cleaning the rearview mirror into the inspection packaging process.

The auto mirror automation production line basically realizes unmanned operation, when has certain batch of its efficiency and saves the superiority to be able to get the full play, because reduces the production process Midway turnover handling, the product qualification rate promotion is obvious.