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Some cold knowledge about the deep curvature edging machine
- 2018-06-06-

   Deep Curvature edge edging machineThe grinding head of the glass has a greater impact on the quality of the grinding, grinding head position, mobile clearance, etc. when the factory has been adjusted, when used in addition to advance and retreat grinding head, the rest of the general do not move to avoid affecting the grinding quality. In addition, the grinding head back position is not easy too large, otherwise easily damaged waterproof sleeve, causing leakage, and easy to burn motor.

3, the adequacy of cooling to the grinding effect also has a greater impact. Always check the cooling pipe for any blockage phenomenon. In particular, the line edging machine is easy to brush the hair plug, and after plugging is not easy to detect, will cause a lack of cooling impact on the quality of grinding edge. 4, glass grinding machine using the electrodeless transmission, adjust the speed must be in the open state, otherwise prone to damage the grinding machine stepless transmission. 5, special-shaped machine when the use of the attention: ① special-shaped machine table sucker height is consistent to the impact of the grinding effect is greater. Assembly of the manufacturers of five sets of sucker seat has been autogenous grinding, and the selection of the thickness of the same sucker glue so that each sucker height to maintain the same, so, generally do not go to disassemble the sucker. If there is damage to the sucker glue, you should choose the thickness of the same to replace. ② special-shaped machine vacuum pump in use for some time, due to water and other reasons will appear vacuum drop (ie suction drop) phenomenon, so pay attention to check and troubleshooting, otherwise, the machine in the lack of suction work, on the one hand will affect the quality of grinding, on the other hand also prone to safety accidents

The use of linear edging machine Note: linear edging machine (straight Edge machine, round edge machine, bevel machine) working mode is through the front and rear plate clamping glass and driving its linear motion grinding. The use of must pay attention to two points: ① before and after the plate and guide the joint surface to often lubrication, otherwise it will be due to the front and back of the plate and guide face premature wear and tear and affect the normal service life of the machine. Some models, although the automatic lubrication device, but also often check whether the smooth lubrication pipeline; ② clamping glass when clamping force size should be appropriate, too loose impact on the grinding quality, too tight will make the machine load increase, easy to produce jitter crawling phenomenon, grinding thin glass is also easy to break glass. Clamping force size can be used a slightly larger glass clip on the machine for testing, that is: The glass clip in the middle of the machine, under the state of the hands of the force plate moving glass, feel the clamping force is transferred to just the right hands to move.

The use of Mold machine Note: ① rely on the model of the machine to the grinding accuracy of great impact. Depending on the template of the face must be done to the shape of the exact finish to high. If the alien depends on the template, then the transition must be smooth. ② Replace the template and sucker, must maintain the suction cup working face level, otherwise it will affect the grinding quality.