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The glass washing machine needs to pay attention to the temperature when using
- 2018-06-06-

    Glass Cleaning Machine WaterThe temperature is very important. When the glass is dirty or the ambient temperature is low, but clean water heats up to achieve better cleaning effect. Temperature thermostat adjustment, adjust the method is: thermostat knob clockwise direction, so that it becomes a pointer is required to heat the temperature, heating to 30 ~ 50 degrees.

The portion of the air volume. After a period of use, because the dust gathers in the fan filter to plug the problem into the wind, reducing the air flow that needs to be cleaned up. Cleaning method: Remove the filter, with high-pressure air hose recoil, and then rinse clean with clean water, dry. Air drying process, dry air should also pay attention to the time and temperature settings. This time need to set the temperature of the glass washer, according to the local temperature is not the same. Then set the temperature is also different, if the weather is very hot, then set the temperature should be lower. But if it is winter temperature is low, you should set the temperature is higher. This not only can achieve dry effect, also did not damage the glass. Security depends on the cleaning effect.

In the maintenance work, some maintenance personnel often only emphasize the maintenance pump, the machine part, but neglected for each kind of instrument maintenance "small". They believe that these "small" do not affect the mechanical plant, and even harm does not matter, as long as the machine moves will be used. It is these "small" lack of maintenance, resulting in early mechanical wear, shorten the service life. such as equipment using oil filters, air filters, hydraulic oil filters, water temperature table, oil temp, hydraulic friends, sensors, alarms, oil filters, nozzles, joints between, solenoid valve, fan ventilation hood, spread of uranium bolt lock plate, etc., these "small" is an important component of normal work and equipment maintenance, Prolong the service life of machinery is very important, such as not pay attention to maintenance, often "penny Penny", leading to equipment failure.