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Glass Cutting machine Some areas that are widely used in insulating glass
- 2018-06-06-

   Glass Cutting MachineSome countries and regions that are widely used in insulating glass, the dual-channel sealing process dominates the mainstream market, and other processes are merely complementary; although the two-channel seals have relatively complex process, but because of the wide range of use and stable and reliable quality, its superiority can not be denied by some one-sidedness;

2, in the industry of insulating glass sealing materials, the application of a lot of controversy, the author thinks that there are many arguments with obvious utilitarian, who do which product is infinitely exaggerated one of their products or some superior attributes, and ignore the complete need for insulating glass production, such as the strip process only emphasizes its sealing ( Its raw material is butyl rubber and poly (butene) It's water vapor transmittance is very low, but neglected the high temperature, solvent resistance and creep resistance of the shortcomings, Silicone rubber only emphasizes its ultraviolet and anti-aging properties but ignores its high water vapor transmittance and the migration of silicone oil that dissolves as the first sealed butyl sealant and destroys the entire seal system, Although some propaganda with nano material can be modified to increase the tightness of silicone rubber but according to the investigation data with nano-material modified sealant now only in the laboratory is only a relatively distant fantasy;

3, Glass cutting machine So the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various materials is not difficult to draw the following conclusions: for the low requirements of mosaic decorative insulating glass because only in the indoor use and outside the weather conditions of contact with the plastic strip technology for the first choice of insulating glass; for the hidden frame curtain wall insulating glass due to safety considerations, Requires a high structural strength and ultraviolet resistance to aging performance, the use of silicone-butyl double-channel sealing process is not a second choice. For other more extensive use of insulating glass because of the high gas tightness, solvent resistance, high temperature resistance and creep resistance, the polysulfide-butyl double channel sealing process has a very important position at present.