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How to choose profiled Glass edging machine
- 2018-06-06-

To a certain extent, is a good spirit of the show, so many people enthusiastically join the new urban transformation of the popular elements, the next generation of new industry-shaped glass edging machine equipment to stand out, become engineers and personal building of the best glass deep-processing choice. And today's small series in order to let everyone can find in the heart of the ideal automatic glass bevel machine business, through the years of industry focus, specifically for everyone summed up a few things, hope to bring you help.

The concept of the first by the Nanjing ye Tuo CNC proposed and realized, glass carving machine is mainly used in a variety of ultra-thin glass of fine processing, profiled cutting, Technology is very mature. Due to the future development of the electronic consumer market and demand, more digital electronic display screen using glass as a display or touch screen, glass carving machine market is also more and more huge.

The characteristics of the glass carving machine are: small machine, high processing precision, stable machine, fine finished product, fast processing speed and high production efficiency. (due to the glass processing characteristics, compared to ordinary precision carving machine, glass carving machine necessary to carry out a number of technical improvements to achieve the requirements of production) glass characteristics: Light transmittance, surface tempered after wear-resistant, and have a very good feel. But its shortcoming is fragile, easy to damage, it is a big difficulty to realize the fine forming of glass. The tool used for processing glass is usually made of diamond grinding head, with 24000~40000 rotating spindle high-speed rotation, the actual machining is to grind rather than cutting. With a special grinding head, you can achieve the ultra-thin glass openings, slotting, upper and lower one-time inverted edge, profiled glass precision cutting, contour processing, chamfer, etc., error can be controlled in ±0.02~±0.05mm, and the edge of the glass is not easy to collapse edge, breakage. Can be based on the design of a good fixture to achieve continuous production of products.