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Classification of profiled glass edging machine
- 2018-06-06-

   ShapedGlass Edging MachineIntroduction of the types of glass edging machine mainly has the following: 1, one-arm special-shaped edging machine (referred to as special-shaped machine or single arm machine) special-shaped machine is widely used, low prices.

Abnormity Machine glass edging machine can grind straight edge, also can grind round edge, duck mouth, also can grind hypotenuse, can grind round workpiece, also can grind ellipse and abnormity workpiece. On the independent sucker mounted on the mold, with special-shaped machine can grind some irregular shape of the workpiece. Abnormity machine structure is simple, manufacturing cost is relatively low, so the price is also relatively cheap, the general domestic machine about 20,000 yuan can buy. 2, linear edging machine has three characteristics: first, the use of a single, can only grind all kinds of straight edges; the second is the continuous grinding, high production efficiency; the third is the flat glass which can be grinded in larger size. Linear edging machine is a variety of grinding machine, the most specifications of the grinding machine, according to the line can be grinding the difference, it can be divided into the following three kinds:

(1) Linear glass edging machine (referred to as Straight Edge machine) straight Edge machine can only grinding glass flat bottom and two corners, according to the number of grinding head, there are three or five, eight or nine, 13 or 13, 14 grinding first-class number of models. In general, the more the number of grinding head, the grinding precision and production efficiency, the corresponding machine price is higher. While the computer-controlled straight edge machine (general grinding head number in ten or more than 10) the price is higher. In recent years, the domestic market has also appeared a kind of both grinding the bottom edge, but also grinding the bottom of the 45-degree dual-use straight edge machine, the dosage is also more. There are also grinding a group or two groups of edges of the edge of the edging machine, called multistage edging machine. This type of grinding head more, generally for computer control, equipment prices relatively high. (2) straight circle (referred to as Round edge machine)

Round Edge machine can grind the round edge of glass, duck mouth and so on, in furniture, glass processing use more. Round Edge Machine also has three or five, six or seven, eight or nine grinding first number of models. 3 Line Bevel Machine (referred to as beveling machine) Bevel machine is generally used to grind glass 3~20o bevel. Now, some beveling machines can also grind the 45o bevel. Beveling machine According to the number of grinding head, there are seven or eight, nine, 11 or 11, 14 grinding first-class models.