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Glass edging machine Construction glass diagonal is bad how to do
- 2018-05-24-

The shape of the glass looks like a rectangle, and it determines whether the diagonal is equal to one of the important properties of the rectangle. In the practice of consumption, the processing of goods and the ideal shape will have a certain level of bias, showing that the diagonal side of the long side of the short, external appearance will not be a moment shape.

Therefore, the measurement of commodity diagonal by glass edging machine is a more applicable and fast method of commodity quality inspection. Under normal conditions, the need to stop the adjustment in the following ways.

1, the glass transport movement is balanced, if the glass grinding wheel moves around periodically. So the glass edging machine processed goods will be uneven, showing the wave edge.

2, can be the beam conditioning wire rod and conditioning gongs mother gap, when the mechanism to stop in the middle. Squeezed by the medium force. The distance between the two girders increases, causing the wavy edges and the edges to be not parallel. or pay attention to the goods on both sides of the movement speed is not equal, incur the edge is not the size of the head, so that it on both sides of the movement speed stop adjustment.

3, glass edging machine processing process, because the two pairs of edge cutting force is uneven, and clamping force is not large enough to incur the vertical movement of goods, thus causing the glass edging machine processing glass wave edge and not parallel to the edge, so pay attention to its cutting force and clamping force to stop adjusting.

The occurrence of diagonal of glass edging machine is a rare achievement, but also representative, just by experience, do not understand the principle of machine equipment, analysis of results, to find out where the problem is, it is difficult to consume a good quality glass edging machine, so in the use should stop the piecemeal training, familiar with the machine, in the performance of the time to deal with.