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Detailed knowledge of deep processing of glass edging machine
- 2018-05-24-

Glass edging Machine is one of the earliest and most used machine equipment in glass deep-processing equipment. Divided into glass edge edging machine, glass edge edging machine, glass double straight Edge edging machine, glass double round edge edging machine, die edging machine and abnormity edging machine.

Secondary role is the grinding of glass, as well as the manufacture of some special shapes. Correct and reasonable use of edging machine, not only to ensure that consumption stops normally, but also to extend the role of machine life.
The full automatic abnormity glass edging machine is a new equipment added in the glass edging machine in recent years. In the past, special-shaped glass products, to be used at hundreds of thousands of millions of processing centers to do, it is relying on manual manually to do. Nanjing ye Tuo automation equipment Unlimited company in line with the global Glass deep-processing enterprises to deal with the design of the main theme, painstaking research and development, and finally let the full automatic abnormity glass edging machine listed.
This machine features:
1, within one meter of glass accurate grinding, grinding wheel can to the central can be processed.
2, the function and quality of machining center, the price of ordinary processing machine, super high cost performance.