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Cleaning method of glass machinery parts
- 2018-05-22-

How to clean the glass machine parts? How to clean the glass machine parts? Nanjing ye Tuo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. has a multi-year experience in the design of professional engineers and experienced team of workers, the product of the technical indicators are in the same industry advanced level. Today, Nanjing ye Tuo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. to fight the introduction of glass machinery parts cleaning methods.

1, mobile phone glass cutting machine fan cleaning
Long-term use of fans, will make the fan heap a lot of solid dust, so that the fan produced a lot of noise, but also not conducive to exhaust and odor removal. When the suction of the fan is absent, the smoke is not smooth. First, close the power supply, the fan into the wind pipe and out of the wind pipe unloading, remove the dust inside, and then the fan inverted, and pull the inside of the wind, until clean and clean, and then the fan installed.
2, mobile phone glass cutting Machine guide the cleaning
As one of the core components of the equipment, the function of the guide rail and the linear axis is the guiding and supporting effect. In order to ensure that the machine has a higher processing accuracy, requires its guide rails, straight line with high precision and excellent glass cutting machine processing quality, to carefully do a good job in the guide rails, linear axis of day-to-day protection.
3, mobile phone glass cutting machine lens cleaning
I remind you: Laser glass cutting machine lens center to the edge of rotary scrubbing. The 3rd lens and gathers the mirror needs to take out from the frame, uses the same method to scrub, after the scrub finishes the original loading.
I believe that through the above interpretation of the glass machinery parts of the cleaning also have a certain understanding of it. Above, is Nanjing ye Tuo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. for you to sum up on the glass machinery parts cleaning method of detailed introduction, Welcome to inquire!