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Precautions for use of glass cutting machine for rearview mirror
- 2018-05-22-

Rearview mirror glass Cutting machine in the use of what precautions? How to use the mirror glass cutting machine correctly? Nanjing ye Tuo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. engaged in this industry for many years, is an experienced manufacturer. Today, for everyone to analyze the rearview mirror glass cutting machine use precautions.

Rear-view mirror glass cutter Installation of the manufacturers have five sets of sucker seat has been autogenous grinding, and selected thickness of the common sucker glue to keep each sucker height common, so, generally do not go to disassemble the sucker. If there is damage to the sucker glue, choose the thickness of the common to replace. Special-shaped machine vacuum pump in the use of a period of time, because of water and other causes will appear in the vacuum drop (ie suction drop) phenomenon, so pay attention to see and troubleshoot the fault, otherwise, the machine in the absence of suction operation, on the one hand will affect the quality of grinding, on the other hand
I believe that through the above explanation for the rearview mirror glass cutting machine Use also has a certain understanding of it. The above is Nanjing Extension Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. for you to sum up about the rearview mirror glass cutting machine Use the details of the notice, more information welcome to come to the consultation!