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Introduction to the application range of CNC glass cutting machine
- 2018-05-22-

CNC Glass Cutting machine is a kind of glass cutting machine, then CNC glass cutting machine applications are mainly? Nanjing ye Tuo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in CNC glass cutting machine manufacturers. Today, ye Tuo automation equipment for you to introduce the detailed CNC glass cutting machine application range.

CNC Glass Cutting machine is mainly used in automobiles, motorcycle rear view mirror and cosmetic mirror, magnifying glass, PV glasses, cell phone glass and the need for various shapes of glass occasions. In the computer to import cutting graphics, the machine will automatically optimize the generation of cutting trajectory, set good cutting parameters, can be accurate, rapid completion of the cutting process. Cutting graphics can be any shape, cutting depth accurately adjustable, cutting surface smooth, no explosion edge, you can cut straight line can also cut the curve. CNC Four-axis deep curvature cutting machine cutting spherical glass, knife wheel pressure point center, finished glass is very easy to break apart.
Glass cutting machines and robots and other automated devices to form an automatic production line can greatly increase production capacity. Through the above explanation in detail for the application of glass cutting machine also has a certain understanding of it. Above, is Nanjing ye Tuo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. for you to summarize the relevant CNC glass cutting machine Application of detailed introduction, Welcome to inquire!