Auto Inner Vision mirror cutting machine with automatic feeding machine

Auto Inner Vision mirror cutting machine with automatic feeding machine

Product Details

Special-shaped glass cutting machine with auto-feeding in automobile interior vision Mirror

One, Equipment type: "YTTLQG300"
Second, the equipment description: The automotive endoscope forming cutting machine is made up of material storage unit, automatic cutting unit, shift conveyor unit and CNC control unit. It combines mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and CNC control as a whole, uninterrupted continuous operation. Compared with the traditional processing method, it has the characteristics of high automation, saving manpower, reducing forming grinding time, improving the genuine rate and reducing the loss of the grinding wheel in the next process, which is widely popularized and used in the inner-vision mirror industry.
Third, equipment characteristics:

CNC+PLC control mode, continuous cutting, high degree of automation
Large cutting range, suitable for long oblique prism or flat mirror profiled cutting
Fast cutting speed, high cutting precision
The prism cutting pressure adjusts automatically according to the glass thickness change, the cutting quality is good, cuts through, does not have the flash, easy to break the piece
The software is easy to learn and easy to modify parameter call
The design is reasonable, the rigidity is good, the key component uses the international well-known brand, stable durable
The use of flexible, cutting and automatic feeding machine can be used separately, used in different occasions
Four, special-shaped glass cutting machine main technical parameters:
Cutting range: mmx160mm, can be customized

Primitive picture size: Length ≯2500mm, Width ≯160mm, customizable

Production efficiency: >6500 Slice/8h

Cutting accuracy: ±0.20mm

Control system: Windows operation, special CNC cutting software, support DXF, DWG and other file formats

Input power: 3 Phase ac380v 50hz/3.0kw, other voltage levels can be customized

Input gas Source: 0.6–0.8mpa
Floor area: 8000x1000mm