CNC Four-axis deep curvature profiled glass cutting machine

CNC Four-axis deep curvature profiled glass cutting machine

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"YTQS500" CNC four-axis deep curvature profiled glass cutting machine

One, Equipment type: "YTQS500"
Second, the equipment description: The equipment by the precision manipulator, servo drive system, computer control system and console components, the key components produced in Taiwan and Japan. When the equipment is operated, turn on the power supply, gas source and computer, pull out or draw the contour figure of the lens to be cut on the CAD, the equipment automatically generates and compiles the cutting procedure, input the cutting parameter (can save the call). The author put the lens to be cut on the template, adjust the position of the knife, press the start switch, cutting knife began to cut in accordance with the requirements of the program, cutting the knife wheel automatically alignment center, cutting finished cutting knife back to the origin point.
The equipment is widely used in automotive rearview mirror, cosmetic mirror, magnifying glass, home appliance glasses, PV glass production field.
Third, equipment characteristics:
Large cutting range, fast cutting speed
High cutting precision, sharp angle automatic compensation
The software is easy to learn, and the graphical call is easy to modify
Four-axis linkage, cutting depth, the incision automatically points to the lens center, broken pieces of labor-saving, without exploding edge
Key components adopt international brand-name products, stable, durable, less trouble
Iv. Main Technical parameters:
Cutting range: ≯φ525mm, can be customized
Minimum curvature radius: sr≮100mm
Cutting Thickness: 1-5mm
Cutting accuracy: ≤+/-0.10mm
Cutting speed: 20m/min
Control system: CNC computer control, four-axis linkage
Drive system: servo motor, precision screw, ultra precision planetary gear
Table Size: 1150x940mm
Input power: single-phase 220v/2.5kw, other voltage levels can be customized
Input gas Source: 0.6-0.8mpa