Curved Glass Cutting Machine

Curved Glass Cutting Machine

Product Details

Automatic CNC Curved Glass Cutting machine

One, Equipment type: "YTHXQG400"
Second, mobile phone glass cutting Machine Equipment Description: This equipment is used for arc shaped glass cutting special CNC cutting machine, mainly used in automotive, motorcycle rearview mirror spherical glass cutting. The machine uses computer control, dedicated CNC cutting software, two sets of cutting tool components. Complete automation of the work process, can be in two large arcs of curved glass to achieve multiple shaped cutting and automatic grasping and stacking.
Third, equipment characteristics:
Cutting table using curved swing cutting template, you can ensure that every piece of cutting in the same position, with a high cutting accuracy, each time the two pieces of glass cutting, cutting range, cutting speed fast
The use of industrial control computer and CNC special cutting software, computer programming and control cutting size accurate, stable
High cutting accuracy, the cutting speed will be adjusted automatically when the figure has sharp angle.
The software is easy to learn, and the graphical call is easy to modify
Knife pressure precision control, cutting depth adjustable
Using high-precision ball screws, high-speed servo motor and precision pneumatic components, the gantry structure effectively ensures that the cutting range within the cutting depth of the same
High degree of automation, simple operation, complete protection, easy maintenance
Control of electrical, servo motor and pneumatic components are used internationally renowned brands, equipment running stable and reliable, low failure rate.
Four, mobile phone glass cutting Machine main technical parameters:
Control mode: Touch screen +plc+ Computer +I/O control card + special CNC software, working parameters in the interface settings, program can be saved, counting function.
Cutting accuracy: ±0.10mm
Cutting speed: 10000-20000mm/min
Cutting range: 150*200mm, can be customized
Glass Curvature: sr≧800mm
Large Glass Size: 310*410mm, customizable
Input power: Three-phase 380v/3kw, other voltage levels can be customized
Input gas Source: 0.6-0.8mpa
Equipment Volume: 2500*1200*1800mm