Double-station profiled glass cutting machine

Double-station profiled glass cutting machine

Product Details

First, glass cutting machine equipment Model: "YTSGWQG500"
Second, the equipment description: The equipment used in flat glass continuous cutting processing, the machine using dual-drive gantry structure, two sets of cutting tool components at the same time cutting, glass fine determination of long transmission, operator continuous glass, machine Automatic identification does not stop work continuously.
The equipment can be widely used in automobile rearview mirror, cosmetic mirror, magnifying glass, home appliance glass, PV glass and other production fields.
Third, equipment characteristics:
Gantry structure, good rigidity, high repetition precision, automatic compensation of sharp angle
Dual working position, large cutting range, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency
Simple operation, easy maintenance, durable and reliable
Knife pressure, oil supply system precision controllable, cutting depth adjustable
High precision ball screws, high speed servo motors and precision pneumatic components
Four, glass cutting machine main technical parameters
Glass type: Flat glass, width can be customized
Glass Length: Unlimited
Glass Thickness: 0.2-6mm, can be customized
Cutting accuracy: ≤+/_0.1mm
Conveying accuracy: ≤+/_1.0mm
Cutting speed: ≥20m/min
Control system: Industrial computer CNC Special cutting software
Input power: single-phase 220v/2.5kw, other voltage can be customized
Input gas Source: 0.6–0.8mpa