CNC Two-axis profiled glass cutting machine

CNC Two-axis profiled glass cutting machine

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CNCGlass Cutting Machine


One, Equipment type: "YTQG350"
Second, the glass cutting machine equipment Description: The equipment by the precision manipulator, servo drive system, computer control system and console components. Equipment operation when the power supply, gas source and computer, pull up or draw on the CAD to cut the contour of the lens, equipment automatically generated and the preparation of cutting procedures, knife wheel pressure constant adjustable, cutting depth automatic compensation.
The equipment is widely used in automotive rearview mirror, cosmetic mirror, magnifying glass, home appliance glasses, PV glass production field.
Third, the glass cutting machine equipment characteristics:
Large cutting range, fast cutting speed
High cutting precision, sharp angle automatic, cutting depth consistent
The software is easy to learn, and the graphical call is easy to modify
Knife pressure precision control, gantry structure effectively ensure the consistency of the product.
High precision ball screws, high speed servo motors and precision pneumatic components
Simple operation, complete protection function, easy maintenance
Four, glass cutting machine main technical parameters
Effective travel: 350x500mm can be customized
Glass type: Flat glass or glass curvature radius sr≮800mm
Glass Thickness: 0.5-6mm, can be customized
Cutting accuracy: ≤+/_0.1mm
Cutting speed: ≥20m/min
Table size: 1000x1100mm, can be customized
Control system: Industrial computer CNC Special cutting software
Input power: single-phase 220v/2kw, other voltage levels can be customized
Input gas Source: 0.6-0.8mpa
Equipment Volume: 1100x1000x1300mm