Semi-automatic glass edging machine

Semi-automatic glass edging machine

Product Details

Semi-automatic glass edging machine
One, Equipment type: "YTMB450"
Second, the equipment description: The machine is composed of grinding, cooling and electronic control system. The operator sets various grinding parameters, puts the lens on the sucker, presses the start button, the vacuum sucker absorbs the lens and rotates, the diamond wheel leans on the lens and carries on the grinding, the grinding process automatically adds the water to cool, the grinding wheel quickly leaves the lens, the grinding end. Grinding Edge or chamfer by changing different diamond grinding wheel to achieve.
Third, equipment characteristics:
Reasonable structure, simple operation, no positioning when placing glass, high efficiency
Grinding parameters can be adjusted at any time, good grinding quality
Can grind around can also fall down angle
The structure of the equipment is made of anticorrosive and antirust materials such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy, the main electric and pneumatic components adopt international famous brand, the equipment is stable and reliable for a long time, low failure rate
With water and electricity, maintenance is simple, one can operate multiple units at the same time
Iv. Main Technical parameters:
Wheel speed: 0-12000 rpm, Variable frequency speed regulation
Lens speed: 0-10 laps/min, Continuous adjustable
Lens curvature: sr≥600mm
Lens size: Max edge length 450mm, customizable
Input power: 220v/2.0kw, other voltage levels can be customized
Input gas Source: 0.6-0.8mpa
Equipment Volume: Long x Width x high 700*1050*1080mm