CNC Four-position 3D glass edging machine

CNC Four-position 3D glass edging machine

Product Details

CNC Four-Station 3DGlass Edging Machine
First, deep curvature glass edging machine equipment Model: "YTNSJMB250"
Second, the equipment description: This machine is the latest developed by my company has independent intellectual property rights for the glass shape of the special 3D grinding processing of special equipment, especially for the processing of borderless mirror glass. The machine has four processing stations and an independent vacuum suction and compression device, under the control of the computer, each work station can be independently set up the processing of different sizes of glass, grinding wheel in the loss of different circumstances, can be manually or automatically adjusted to ensure that the four-station glass processing size exactly the same.
Third, equipment characteristics:
All kinds of shape glass can be processed, the processing speed is fast
The grinding quantity is accurate and adjustable, the machining precision is high, the processing speed will adjust automatically when the figure has sharp angle.
The processing size of each station is consistent and the error is small.
The software is easy to learn, and the graphical call is easy to modify
The main electrical and pneumatic components used internationally renowned brands, long-term stable and reliable equipment
Good rigidity, durable, simple operation, complete protection, easy maintenance
All water-stained parts are made of 304 stainless steel and antirust material, and will not rust for long time use.
Four, deep curvature glass edging machine main technical parameters:
Station Number: 3D/4 Station
Glass Thickness: 1-20mm
Edge Grinding Precision: ≤±0.05mm/m
Processing size: Automotive interior mirror Short edge ≮50mm, Long edge ≯300mm, other glass size can be customized
Control system: Industrial computer/four interface CNC Special cutting software
Drive system: Precision ball screw/Servo drive
Input power: 380v/8kw, other voltage levels can be customized
Input gas Source: 06-0.8mpa
Vacuum system: Water ring Type Vacuum pump