Double-position Motorcycle mirror edging Machine

Double-position Motorcycle mirror edging Machine

Product Details

Glass Grinding Edge Chamfer Machine

One, Equipment type: "YTSGWMB250"
Second, the equipment description: This equipment is specially used in the motorcycle mirror grinding chamfer processing equipment, composed of two sets of independent three grinding wheel grinding components, one to achieve the edge of the lens and the upper and lower chamfer angle, each group includes a set of automatic upper and lower pieces of equipment, displacement and release device, as well as cooling, vacuum unit and touch screen electronic control system, The machine can be finished two pieces of glass grinding edge and chamfering processing, especially for motorcycles, electric car rearview mirror and other production areas.
Third, equipment characteristics:
Three grinding heads of each station are processed at the same time with high speed and efficiency.
Automatic grab glass, province manual
Easy to operate and easy to maintain
Chassis and water-stained components are made of 304 stainless steel, sturdy and durable
The main electrical and pneumatic components used internationally renowned brands, long-term operation of equipment stable and reliable, low failure rate
Four, glass grinding edge chamfering Machine main technical parameters:
Number of grinding heads: 6
Number of workstations: 2
Chamfer Width: 0.2-0.5mm
Lens size: Side length ≯200mm can be customized
Wheel speed: 0-12000 rpm, Variable frequency speed regulation
Vacuum: Water ring Type Vacuum pump
Input power: AC three-phase 380V 3Kw, other voltage levels can be customized
Input gas Source: 0.6-0.8mpa
Host Size: 1400*1700*1700mm