Four station truck mirror glass Edge Grinder

Four station truck mirror glass Edge Grinder

Product Details

Four station truck mirror glass Edge Grinder

1. Device Model:"YTMKL450"

2. Device Description:

This equipment is in the "YTMK450" type Edge grinder based on the development of a multi-purpose special-shaped glass edge machine, mainly used in truck mirrors, such as larger size, darker curvature of the glass grinding edge chamfering, equipped with a separate vacuum pump system. When the device is operating, turn on the power supply, the gas source, and set the grinding parameters on the controller (you can save the call). The operator puts the glass into the positioning area, the lens automatically enters the grinding interval, the vacuum suction cup suction lens is placed on the suction cup, the grinding lens glass automatically flows to the cleaning machine, can also flip the glass and flow to the cleaning machine.

This machine has four stations, eight sets of grinding head components, you can switch three operating modes as needed:

Chamfering \ Grinding Edge + chamfering \ Grinding Edge (CE+CE mode), each time out of two pieces, suitable for ordinary quality requirements of the glass grinding edge chamfering, with high production efficiency.

Chamfering \ Grinding edge \ Fine grinding edge \ Fine chamfering (CEEC mode), each time out of a piece, suitable for high-quality requirements of the glass grinding edge chamfering.

All chamfering (CCCC mode) with high productivity

3. Features of the equipment:

Four station, eight grinding head design, high production efficiency.

The use of proprietary technology, so that the machine can meet the vast majority of size and curvature of the truck mirror grinding edge chamfering.

4. Main technical parameters:

Number of grinding heads: 8

Suction Cup station: 4

Grinding Range: Glass edge length 60-450mm, other specifications can be customized

Grinding head Speed: 0-12000RPM

Production efficiency:

Mode 1 (CE+CE) 10-15 sec/Piece;

Mode 2 (CEEC) 25-35 sec/Piece;

Mode 3 (CCCC) 8-10 sec/Piece;

Control system: Touch screen +PLC

Input power supply: Three-phase 380V/6Kw, other voltage levels customizable

Input gas Source: 0.6-0.8MPa

Dimensions: 3800x850x1600mm