Product Details

1.Product model:《YTMKL450》

2.Brief Introduction:

This equipment is a multi-purpose special-shaped glass edge grinder developed on the basis of 《YTMK450》type edge grinder, which is mainly used for the glass edge chamfer with large size and deep curvature, and equipped with an independent vacuum pump system. Turn on the power and air source when operating the equipment, and set the grinding parameters on the controller (call can be saved). The operator puts the glass in the positioning zone, the lens enters the grinding interval automatically, the vacuum sucker absorbs the lens and places it on the sucker, and the polished lens automatically flows to the cleaning machine, or the glass can be turned over to the cleaning machine.

The machine has four work stations and eight sets of grinding head components. Three working modes can be changed as required:

●Chamfering and edge grinding + chamfering and edge grinding (CE+CE mode), two pieces are produced at a time, which is suitable for the glass edge chamfering with common quality requirements and has high production efficiency.

●Chamfering\grinding edge\fine grinding edge\precise chamfer(CEEC mode),One piece at a time, suitable for high quality chamfer and grinding edge for mirror.

●Full chamfering (CCCC mode), with high efficiency.


●The design of four-station and eight-grinding head is adopted, and the production efficiency is high.

●Use our unique technology to make the machine suitable for most types of truck surface grinding and chamfering.

4.Main parameters:

●Grinding head number: 8


●Grinding range: glass length 60-450mm, other specifications can be customized

●Grinding speed: 0-12000rpm

●Production efficiency:

grinding method1(CE+CE)10-15Sec/piece

grinding method2(CEEC)25-35Sec/piece

grinding method3(CCCC)8-10Sec/piece

●Control system: touch screen and PLC

●Input power: three-phase 380V/ 4Kw, other voltage grade can be customized

●Input air source: 0.6-0.8MPa

●Equipment size: L×W×H 3800×850×1600mm