Eight-position auto mirror glass grinding edge chamfering Machine

Eight-position auto mirror glass grinding edge chamfering Machine

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Eight-position automatic auto mirror edging machine

One, Equipment type: "YTMZ300"
Second, the equipment description: This equipment is the car rearview mirror up and down chamfer grinding edge of the special equipment, can grind the rearview mirror, also can grind flat mirror. The machine has a A/b two line total eight suction cups, 16 grinding head, complete machine including conveying, grinding, control, vacuum and cooling system composition. Each line four grinding head can be set to chamfer-grinding edge-fine grinding edge-fine chamfer, each out of two pieces, can also be set to chamfer-grinding edge + chamfer-grinding edge, four pieces at a time.
ThreeProfiled Glass edging MachineEquipment Features:
Specially designed grinding wheel pressure and fastening device make the glass grinding process smooth, consistent very good, grinding process almost no explosion edge phenomenon
Chassis and water contact parts are all made with 304 stainless steel
Electrical and pneumatic components used internationally renowned products
Water-resistant vacuum water ring pump and stainless steel circulating water tank
Long life high speed grinding head motor
Human-machine engineering design, simple operation, complete protection, easy maintenance
Four, special-shaped glass edging machine main technical parameters:
Number of grinding heads: 16
Sucker Position: 8
Glass side length: 60-280mm, customizable
Glass Thickness: 1-4mm, can be customized
Chamfer Width: 0.1-0.5mm
Wheel speed: Frequency conversion speed 2000-10000rpm
Control system: Touch screen +PLC
Vacuum system: Water ring Type Vacuum pump
Input power: Three-phase 380v/8kw, other voltage levels can be customized
Input gas Source: 0.6-0.8mpa
Equipment Volume: 4000x1100x2000mm